Automated NPS Email

Leverage the power of client feedback for successful email marketing promotions. Create an NPS campaign to find out how happy clients are with you and to offer them a personalized experience, to help you sell more.

Did you know that the London School of Economics found a positive correlation between revenue and the Net Promoter Score? This is because your relationship with clients doesn't end with the sale. What you do after helps with client retention and loyalization. An NPS automation is an easy and efficient way to know how to adapt your communication and offers according to client preferences.

An NPS form sent through a newsletter gives you the necessary data to understand if clients are happy, if there is room for improvement or if they had an unpleasant experience. Based on this information, you can send personalized emails through which you can cross-sell and upsell or transform skeptics into fans. Also, a negative NPS review allows you to see what doesn't work and what can be improved.

  • Here is how to create a Net Promoter Score campaign:
  • Decide on the campaign trigger: newsletter subscription or order finalization.
  • Choose a wait time between the trigger and sending the NPS email; this can be minutes, hours or even days, depending on your business. Make sure to allow enough time for people to try your products, but not so much that they forget about their experience.
  • Use one of our NPS review email templates and customize it quickly with the drag & drop editor.
  • Write a short and persuasive text that explains why it's important for the subscriber to fill in the NPS form.
  • Include your branding and save the automation.
  • Everyone who meets the conditions you set will receive the NPS email, and the data will be saved in your account, for each subscriber: the client score, the date of the rating, and their comments - when applicable.
  • NewsMAN automatically creates three subscriber segments: detractors (client score from 1 to 6), passives (client score from 7 to 8) and promoters (client score from 9 to 10).
  • Use these segments in future campaigns, with relevant messages for each category.